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November 10, 2010

Dah's SA returns

Here is a link to some pictures following
Dah's journey with SA.


While we had hopes of Dah remaining symptom free, it has
returned, as it so often does.  However we hope that those of
you who see this, and perhaps have a dog with SA, will recognize that
it is, for the most part, only cosmetic and can be dealt with, treated and
we can love and enjoy them for many years.

For those of with you with Standard Poodles who are Affected
with this disease, we STRONGLY encourage you to post the
information on the Poodle Health Registry so that, in the future,
others may avoid this sad event.

December 23, 2009

It is with great sadness that I retire my "Bunny" from the future
of Highfalutin' Poodles.  Dah has been diagnosed with SA...Sebaceous
Adenitis, a hereditary skin disease.  It is not fatal, and she will live
a long and wonderful life, but we will never see the next generation.
I had such high hopes for what she would contribute to the future
generations of the Partis.  I am now left to wonder what
might have been.

Dah was a force to be reckoned with, starting her show career
at just 4 months old as a Novice Puppy, winning 2 Reserve Best
Puppy In Show.  Quickly moving on to a Best In show win in her first
day of competitive shows and attaining her UKC Champion title in just
4 shows at 6 months and 1 day old.

Over a short period of a few weekends, Dah amassed a impressive
record of multiple BIS and RBIS wins and always a Group placement.
 Finishing out the 2008 year with a Best In Show at the California
Classic and ranked as the #2 Multi colored Standard Poodle in the
country for 2008.  Not bad for a 13 month old Poodle girl who had
just barely gotten started!

She has been everything I had ever hoped for... a happy, loving,
gentle girl who is my best buddy, makes me smile no matter what,
and has made me so very proud with all of her amazing accomplishments.
 She will now live the life of a spoiled pet, with no concerns about
dating, having babies or raising a passel of unruly babies. She is a
champion in every sense of the word.

Our first homebred
Highfalutin' Hits The Spot

DAH finished her UKC Grand Championship quest in
five straight shows (the minimum possible) winning
Best of Breed each time plus 2 Group 1sts, 2 Group 2nds
and a Group 3.

The next weekend out, in her first shows as a Grand
Champion, Dah took a Reserve Best In Show.

A mere baby, she just turned eight months old

There oughta be a law!

May 10 and 11, 2008

Dah roars to her UKC Championship at just 6 months and
1 day old, with a BEST IN SHOW, two Gun Dog Group 1st
placements, a Gun Dog Group 2 and a Gun Dog Group 3. We
never doubted that this bundle of joy and energy would succeed
like nobody's business, but this weekend was something to behold!



      Dah (La-Dee-Dah), has amazing Poodle attitude.
 Even at the tender age of 5 weeks, she demonstrated that she
IS all that AND a peanut butter sandwich!  She is confident, sassy,
funny and full of life.  How could we pass on this bundle of energy?!

March 8 and 9, 2008
 Rancho Cordova UKC Shows

She came, she saw, she conquered!
Our little Dah, a mere baby at just under 4 months old,
took to the whole "show scene" like a duck to water.

Winning Best Novice Puppy in the Breed for all four shows
AND twice taking Reserve Best Novice Puppy In Show! The
competition was stiff with some 7-8 beautiful pups in the ring for
the final judging.  Dah carried herself like an old hand, never missed
a beat, with her tail up and waggin' the whole time.  We were swamped
with compliments by Judges, exhibitors and spectators alike.

She is one stunning Parti girl!

 She will begin her "real" UKC show career in May, when she
turns 6 months old. We expect that it will come and go in a blur!



8 weeks


 (UKC GRAND CH DGL'S Deva's Taylor Made x UKC Ch. Highfalutin' Hanky Panky)

Health testing:
 vWD Clear by Parentage.
OFA Prelim Hips:  Good
OFA (MSU) Thyroid: Normal
OFA Cardio (Doppler Echo) : Normal
CERF: Normal

CHIC Certification pending




Pedigree for BIS UKC GRAND CH Highfalutin' Hits The Spot

Ropo's Alloucious Ally Cat
AM CH Odyssey's Ro-Po's Dumder Red
Odyssey's Impressive Debut
UKC GRCH, INT CH DGL's Theadore Three Of Nine
Yerbrier Hanovia Per Fection
UKC GRCH Afairs Prim And Proper
Afair's True Blessinginfaith
UKC GRCH DGL's Deva's Taylor Made
 AM CH Barbican Yerbrier Barbados
Yerbrier Hanovia Per Fection
AM CH Yerbrier Edryn Hyacinth
UKC CH Afairs Deva Lexus
Osea Xuberance
Afair's True Blessinginfaith
Osea Tucana
Cherdon's Parti'n Chips
Almost Heaven P's Cherokee
Mydramagic Dijon Gamma
Paula's Chief Cochise
AM CH Hankepank's Fast Forward
Paula's Miss Molly
Celest H. Hazel Valtec
UKC CH Highfalutin' Hanky Panky
Albert Mickey Castaldo
Paula's Frostie Dawn
Asia Jane
Paula's Lacy Dawn
AM CH Hankepank's Fast Forward
Paula's Miss Molly
Celest H. Hazel Valtec


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