Fun Pictures!

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely
in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside
thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming 
'Wow! What a ride!!!'" Author unknown

Hippity Hop!  Hannah heads for some fun in the surf.
       Limantour Beach, Pt. Reyes, CA

So that's where all those online orders came from!

 Really, I'm CLEANING up, not MESSING up!

He just doesn't get it, ENOUGH means enough! 
Reese and Candy.  Dec 2009

"I'm just looking for something to read"
     Soda works on higher education.

  A typical Poodle train wreck.
Catching a nice breeze in the hall.

Hannah relaxes on a breezy mountain day. Pacific Crest Trail, CA

Bijou is making sure that ball does NOT move!

Roxie day dreaming of many more balls!

Oscar watches out over his kingdom, Pescadero, CA 2008

Poodle Train!

Just give me the word and I'm off!   Donner Lake, CA

Yes, there is only ONE tennis ball in the universe!

Camouflaged !  Grouse Ridge area, CA

Now THIS is a welcome committee!

"Hang on!  Here I come!"

Bijou catching some zzzz's after a hard day of play.

It was like this when we got here!

Bijou doing one of the things she does best (note the personal fan!)

"She might be small, but she's mighty!"
Brie takes on her Daddy, Oscar.

Tucker does some water retrieving.
Salmon Lake, Sierra Nevada, California

And the race is on!
Roxie and Hannah tear it up 
at Mt. Lassen, California


Snow Fun!  Roxie and Tucker 
stretching their legs. Mt. Lassen, California

Della having some water fun. What a cutie! 

Ya gotta love that face!

"Hello?? Ya guys still there??" Della waiting
for her 'do to get done!

On the road to PCA 2004. Somewhere
in middle America.

Oscar and Della at Bottomless Lake


"Ducks are for chasing, right? 
Right, Mom? Right?" 
Yuba River, California

"Hey, Mom! Do you know it's SNOWING??!!"
Wind River Range, Wyoming

Oscar and the crew at the UKC Premier
show in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Here are Hannah and Tucker, our two Rescue Poos, staying warm while
waiting for dinner on a 5 day backpacking trip in the Wind River Range, Wyoming!

Lola, Vikki and Soda taking it easy on a hot August afternoon at the Poodle Farm!

Bijou in March 0f 2006!

Roxie enjoys a houseboat trip.

What is she thinkin'??!!
Lola enjoys a day in the snow.

The sisters Bijou and Soliel hanging out!

It's a hard life for a Poodle...

Just a typical morning at the Poodle Farm
(yes, I AM under there somewhere!)

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