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March 2014

Ivy had a way with people, everyone who met her was taken in by her sweet
face and endearing demeanor. But due to her Sebaceous Adenitis we never
expected that she would ever leave us and make her forever home elsewhere.
That was until Rosemary called. And Ivy's life changed forever.
She could not be more loved and adored.

February 2013

I am heartbroken to have to retire my little "Widget" from being an
active participant in the future of Highfalutin' Poodles.  With her
fabulous temperament, diminuitive size and beautiful looks, she has
been a treasured member of our gang.


Where's the hot chocolate?

Ivy has been diagnosed with SA, Sebaceous Adenitis, a hereditary skin
disease.  It is treatable and usually only cosmetic in nature so we expect
her to continue to charm all she meets, no matter how much or how
little hair she might have!

As I have said before when I have been faced with health issues in
my dogs (on my website, refer to Brie, Dah, Lola, Cookie..a more
comprehensive listing of the Highfalutin' dogs is on Poodle Health
Registry) it is vital that breeders fully disclose any problems they
encounter and make the information public via websites such as OFA
(offa.org) and the Poodle Health Registry (phrdatabase.com). With
this knowledge, breeders can make more informed choices and move
forward to a brighter future for this wonderful breed.

January 2009

Miss "Small But Mighty"  proves that good things DO come in small packages!

This was achieved in very limited showing.

Sept. 20, 2008
Our little "model", Ivy, achieved her
UKC GRAND CHAMPION title in just 5 shows.  She had the
Judges wrapped around her little paw with her beautiful ring
presence and wonderful expression! Small, very demure and
sweet, she packed a punch!

UKC RBIS Grand Champion
Highfalutin' Hush-Hush

This amazing and creative work of art, Ivy done as
Carmen Pooranda, was done by the very talented Lucy Tyler.

Our Widget, Ivy.  She is becoming more beautiful every day.
 July 22, 2008

She is a beautifully marked Black and Silver,
with a personality to die for.


May 17-18, 2008

Our little Ivy, took the weekend by storm.  She was almost
flawless in her ring demeanor, showed like an old pro, and the
words we heard repeatedly were Gorgeous and Stunning!  And
that she is!  After only 4 shows, she is now
UKC CH Highfalutin' Hush-Hush!

Ivy comes from a very unique pedigree.  There are no Phantom
or Parti colors behind her for as many generations as I have been able
to track.  This has the potential of bringing in much needed diversity
to the Phantom gene pool.

She is a love and we are so happy to have her here.
We are looking forward to a very bright future!

Health testing results:
 Thyroid Normal, OFA Hips  GOOD
OFA Cardio (Doppler Echo): Normal
CERF: Normal
vWD Clear by DNA
NE Clear by DNA
Ivy was awarded  #61385

Pedigree for UKC RBIS Grand Champion
Highfalutin' Hush-Hush

Milestone Abyssinian
Safari's North Eastern Storm
AM CH Safari's Shamus
AM CH Safari's Lissom
Milestone's Lovely Lola
Gatekeeper's Ama Jak Rufgate
Le Dan's Brown Eyed Beulah
Gamarra Luminescence
Sir Duncan Of Muddledge
Mystic Moon Star-Fire
Milestone's Brown Eyed Belle
Muddledge Peggy Souix
Mozart's Lost In The Woods
Chantel Annettes Lyon


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