31 March 2016

 In Loving Memory



On March 8, 2001, I had some time to kill before picking up my husband after
work.  I had been very recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was receiving
Chemotherapy.  I felt awful, had no hair and looked terrible.  I didn't want to just 
sit in the car for an hour or so waiting for him, but certainly didn't feel in the mood
to go shopping either. On a whim, I decided to go to our local Shelter.  I had not been
for many years and had no particular reason to go on this day.  It was just something
to do to kill time while waiting for my husband.


I had wanted a Standard Poodle for some time but with my newly dx'd cancer, 
the cost of getting a nice puppy, the unknowns in my future, looking for 
a puppy was not in the plans.

But there she was.  In Run #7, in the very back. Frantic, stinky, matted, peeing all
over with fear and joy. She looked like the typical stray and certainly not a Poodle.
 But I was drawn to her so went in and sat with her, and fell in love.  I could see, and
feel, that she was indeed a Poodle and I knew it was destiny that we were meeting.
I needed her and she needed me.  We saved each other that day.


Pootie, aka Hannah, left today and went to the Rainbow Bridge.


 15 years of having Hannah in my life was one of the greatest gifts ever.
 She changed my focus and my future.  She set the course for me to get involved
with dogs again and is the dog who made Highfalutin' Poodles a reality. My world
has been shaken, my heart broken and the loss is immeasurable.  But I am so blessed
to have found her and shared these years with her.
Until we meet again.



AUGUST 6, 2014

Our beloved boy, Tucker, left us after 13 wonderful years
together.  He was the head of the gang, the owner of our
hearts. You simply could not wake up without a smile when
you saw that face in the morning.  A happy, funny boy who
was loved by all who knew him.

The depth of our loss could fill the oceans.

13 July 2001  ~6 August 2014
If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.


Nov. 10, 2003 - Nov. 7, 2013


Our wonderful boy went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.
We are completely stunned and heartbroken.
He was at home with his Mom, Carolyn, it was very
sudden and he did not suffer.

 Oscar was my first Standard show dog. He has been the "face"
of Highfalutin' Poodles since our webpage went up many years ago.
He loved the shows as a puppy, got a couple of AKC points and
also his UKC Championship. But when I took him back out for shows
after he grew all that big hair, he decided the whole show scene was
not for him and that was that!  Off came the hair!!

He was the Daddy to three beautiful litters here, his babies are all
grown up and doing great. He produced two AKC Champions, Brie
and Zak. He went on to be a wonderful Service Dog for Robin for
many years. When he was retired from that job he became the
adored companion to Carolyn and her Mom. He will be terribly
missed, he was a smart, sweet, loving boy who brought much joy
to those in his life.

RIPmy good boy

Goodbye to Phinn

Nov. 23, 2012 - June 17, 2013

The Highfalutin' family is heartbroken over the loss of sweet Phinn.
We share the grief with his parents, Karen and Wendell, and his
brother Otis.

Phinn contracted AIHA/IMT (Auto Immune Mediated Hemolytic
Anemia/Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia). Phinn and his parents
fought a good fight, but the assault on his young system was simply
too much for him to overcome.

Everything possible was done to try to get Phinn through this, and to
reach a positive outcome.  We want to thank our Highfalutin' families,
and our many dog world friends and hundreds of total strangers, who
supported Phinn in his fight. The outpouring of concern, the warm words
of care, the prayers, emails, and phone calls from all over the world,
were very much appreciated by all of us.

Phinn's journey was posted on our Facebook page
and, as of this date, has been viewed by more than 15,000 people.
His life was cut short by something we all do to protect our animals.
VACCINATIONS. Please read Phinn's story. He is one of hundreds who
have been lost due to vaccine induced conditions.  The following links are
worth reading by anyone who wants to understand better
how to protect your pet.

Phinn's parents and I always felt that Phinn was a gift and that his
presence here had special meaning and purpose.  Perhaps his journey
and his passing, will help to educate others about Vaccinations, and
create a dialogue between owners and their Vets about what really
is best for their companion.

Rest well, sweet Phinn.
 You have made a difference.

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